Senait, 2L

Senait [Sen-Night] is a born and raised Calgarian and Eritrean who grew up in the city’s NW with her parents and three brothers. Senait has an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice. Her interests lie in immigration, refugee, and asylum law as well as employment and labour law. She says her motivation to joining law school came from her firsthand experience lacking access to equitable treatment, and justice which fueled her desire to advocate for vulnerable people, especially new Canadians. Prior to embarking on her post-secondary studies, Senait spent many years working in remote oil and gas camps in Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie and BC. On her days off, she travelled the world with her family and close friends. Senait enjoys being outdoors on her bicycle, camping, and white-water rafting in Golden, BC. Whitefish, Montana is one of her favourite places in the world.

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Vice President of Marketing

Miete, 2L

Miete Penedo was born in Angola, moved to Canada at a young age, settled in Toronto for 6 years before moving to Edmonton. And that is where she completed her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Alberta. The reason Miete decided to do law school started with a small module course in law she was forced to take in high school. She quickly fell in love with law and decided fairly quickly that law was her passion and she spent the next few years chasing that dream. Everything in law school excites Miete. She finally achieved her dream and she’s keeping an open mind towards any field of law that calls to her and will allow her to help people especially people of minority groups finding their footing within a unjust system.

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Vice President of Finance

Malik, 2L

Malik Mate was born in Brampton, Ontario, and grew up in Edmonton, AB. Before law school, Malik was a Student-Athlete (Basketball), and obtained his BA in Social Sciences. Before law, Malik had aspirations of playing basketball professionally (he claims he could have made it into the NBA, but unfortunately, he “injured his knee”. We have fact-checked this, it is all definitely true). Malik went into law school in order to help those who come from a similar background as himself, and at the moment, is open to all practice areas. In his spare time, you can find Malik letting out an exasperated sigh, as he realizes that he had been zoned-out for the last 10 minutes, and now must re-read the entire case again.

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Co-VP Mentorship 

Semhar, 2L

Semhar Abraha applied to Law School during her third year. Her area of study was in International Relations with a minor in Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures. Alongside her law degree, Abraha will work towards completing her undergraduate degree. The need for equity and diversity for the creation of inclusive human rights drove her to pursue a law degree. It is her long-term goal to create effective policies to address the ongoing atrocities faced by black and marginalized groups, and she believes a law degree could provide an avenue for change. Her experiences include serving as Vice President Academic, co-founding the Inclusion and Equity Student Council, as well as serving on the African Studies Expansion Committee. Over the course of her work, students were able to secure over 1 million dollars for various initiatives, which included a scholarship that will ease the burden of post-secondary education for BIPOC students. Abraha has also been recognized with various awards for her accomplishments, such as the Calgary Black Achievement Award and many others.

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Co- President

Hameedah, 2L

Hameedah Baruwa completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta where she majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology. Growing up, she spent her early childhood in Nigeria before moving to Canada at the age of ten. Hameedah's decision to obtain a legal education was motivated by what she felt was a need to rectify access to justice issues and to tackle structural problems that disproportionately affect marginalized peoples and communities. She is most interested in learning about human rights law, employment and labor law, and criminal law. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, and attempting to watch shows in French.

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Vice President of Events

Chyna, 2L

Chyna Brown was born and raised in Calgary. She did her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary in Political Science and Business, with the dream of continuing on to law school. While completing her undergrad, she was a varsity athlete on the University of Calgary track and field team. As a sprinter she competed in the 60m, 300m, 4x200m, and 4x400m, and was a part of a team that won the CIS Championship in 2020. Currently she is a first-year law student interested in criminal, family and corporate law. The classes she is most excited to learn about are criminal and property law. Outside of school she has a passion for art, whether it be sketching or painting. Her one claim to fame is that her artwork was featured in a restaurant in Calgary during the summer before starting law school.

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Support Director of Finance

Mikail, 3L

Mikail is Somali-Canadian and was born in Ottawa before moving with his family to Calgary in 2003. He completed his B.Sc. in 2018 at the University of Calgary before going on to work as a counsellor with high-risk youth. Mikail is an avid soccer and Arsenal fan and spends his spare time playing pick-up soccer with friends. He is interested in helping to increase Black representation in law school to help address racial inequality in Canada. Mikail hopes to pursue opportunities in corporate or intellectual property law in the future.

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Co-VP Mentorship

Mirabelle, 3L

Mirabelle received a BComm with a minor in English from the University of Calgary and worked as a Communications and Development Coordinator at Pro Bono Law Alberta before starting law school. Her interests and identities are diverse yet rooted in a desire to create and participate in a more equitable world. In the past 5 years, she has: danced in 3 Calgary Stampede parades for the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary; co-founded Imuuta, a digital media company; and interned in Ottawa and traded books with Members of Parliament. In addition to her role at UCalgary BLSA, Mirabelle currently serves as the National Director of Communications of the Black Law Students' Association of Canada and the Director of Community Relations of the UCalgary Gender Equity in Law Association (GELA). Mirabelle spent the summer after 1L working in the Legal Services Unit of the Canada Energy Regulator.

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